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Remember Strava's Route Explore?

That's long gone now. No Clusterer anymore either. Now we have Route Builder, Global Heatmap and Local City Guides - which are all great, but there is still no way to easily search for interesting routes in a specific area, crafted and tested by local athletes. Even though everyone and their dog has been asking for it for years now.
The times, however, they are a-changin'. Say hello to Route Explorer for Strava.

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Both your public and private routes are synchronised from Strava (private stay private by default). You can manually select which routes to share with the community.
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Browse and search our database of bike and run routes. Filter results by name, distance, elevation gain, athlete, start/end location, and more.
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Emily M
La Route des Grandes Alpes
Nice, France
670 km
15,292 m
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